About Cinecell
Born Cameroonian from the North West Region, holder of diploma in digital film making at KM Professional Films Academy and Ultramax Videos Gabon. Starting his first film with a Mobile Phone!

“​CINECELL is an association of filmmakers. Our main objective is to use creativity to the fullest by shooting  videos entirely with any Smartphone. Our purpose is to serve as an educational platform for flourishing Cameroon filmmakers and the world. Whether you are a novice or professional, here is your place to share that great  talent in you. CineCell wants you to use that mobile phone in your hand and bring out great community stories, believe me people WE CAN!”

We partnered as a collaborative contributor to a program by S. Botello Productions™ called Community Stories which was created as part of the International Mobil Film Festival™ in San Diego, California.

Kangai Cinecell 2013 photo


Tingiweh Godlove Kangai, Founder
Founder of CINECELL in Cameroon (Centre Africa) has teamed up with SBP as a collaborator in our mobile film program: Community Stories and the International Mobil Film Festival™.
We work together to share Community Stories by providing a platform for mobile filmmaking around the globe.


Community Stories Logo Grays 043014.pngThe Community Stories program gives a voice to everyone within the community. Personal Community Story films are to bring awareness of the personal experiences involving communities around the globe as we are in such turmoil and economic chaos.

Contact Cinecell
Email: kangala05@yahoo.com
Address: Cinecell – Cameroon-Douala
86 Boulevard de la Liberte-Akwa
Tel: +237 6 79365691


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